Category: chastity

Locked for your Boss

  You are surprised to find out your new boss is absolutely stunning, sexy and very commanding.  It is a good thing that you are an eager worker, ready to obey any command or task that she gives you… This is an immersive guided fantasy file – which is a little bit different than my […]

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Waterfall Effect

  This is a new fantasy recording that will leave your head spinning.  After my waterfall induction, all sexual experiences and notions will be washed clean from your mind.  You will be made virgin, pure.  Your only sexual experience comes from watching me… and you are put into your place.  Knowing that you are forever […]

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This trance begins with comfort and warmth… which makes it easier for me to trap you, unsuspecting. You will fall dark and deep for me. CHASTITY will bring you further under my power. GODDESS WORSHIP will leave you aching and desperate. audio. low theta binaural beats, subliminal whisper tracks. 25 minutes, 30 seconds 30.

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