heartbeat reprogramming loop


Are you ready for your programming?  This recording is a dark, intelligent, layered mindfuck. Extremely soft whispers, subliminals, and crafted sound effects are used throughout this recording. Do not listen to this recording if you are not prepared to be changed, manipulated, and molded into a mindless, new creation.  It is intense, in the style of Awaken the Darkness and Tightrope. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉 Listen to the sample below.  This is a LOOP, so there is no traditional induction or awakener.

15 minutes, $19.99


1 thought on “heartbeat reprogramming loop

  1. Goddess darla is a powerful hypnodomme. She has many triggers in her arsenal. this recording contains some of her most powerful triggers.

    ————spoiler alert—————

    your heartbeat and your breathing will become constant reminders that you live for her, creating a constant need to please her. it can be overwhelming, but she is worth it.

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