Personal Exclusive Wishlist

A private wishlist for your eyes only… Items will have commands and personal messages attached to each of them for a wonderfully intimate experience. This is the perfect way to continue your conditioning, with each item and task you feel yourself being drawn to the blue further and further.

First, purchase the private wishlist below.  

Next, email me with your monthly budget. I will personally craft the perfect wishlist to best further your programming and training. Lucky subject!

1 thought on “Personal Exclusive Wishlist

  1. A private wishlist is the perfect way to serve Goddess Darla. It’s a wonderful feeling to be entrusted with her desires. Goddess very generously ATTACHES commands to the items. although her pleasure is everything, obeying her gives great pleasure to the obedient. It makes me want to give to her more and more.

    i will never be able to repay her for her GENEROSITY of putting items on my wishlist and allowing me to serve her.

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