blue brainwash addict


Aren’t you curious? Be very careful on what you focus upon while you watch and listen. Which voice will you follow? This video has been formulated to seep into every part of your existence and alter your inner workings. ¬†Advanced light manipulation is just another tool that I have to use against you.

This recording uses left and right ear tracks, as well as a sensual whisper track. I use my exclusive subliminal techniques to easily slide into your subconscious, fucking your mind to the extreme. I take you down, make you mine, and you simply become addicted to the blue

You MUST wear headphones.




1 thought on “blue brainwash addict

  1. This video trance is superb. with the audio track transitioning from one ear or the other, it helps provide two distinct choices on which path to follow. not to mention seeing the beautiful Goddess darla, makes you feel like putty in her hands…which I love.

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