Science Vs Magic


In Science vs Magic, you will be transported into a very special place.
This is mainly a story telling induction, where you will hear two versions — scientific, and magical, one in each ear.
This sensual recording will make you feel very relaxed, submissive, and desperate to serve.

Both versions of your Goddess are so entirely seductive.
If you have listened to Raindrop and Masterpiece, you will be pleased to know that triggers from those files are used.
Listen with headphones for the best experience!
I also impart a very unique gift in this file which you will enjoy very much.

This is a 23 minute recording with some sound effects.

1 thought on “Science Vs Magic

  1. Prepare yourself for a journey into warm sweet seduction. You will be seduced by magic, and trained by science. Two distinct creative paths that Goddess Darla uses, twisted together in one amazing trance. You may wonder which one was more effective, but what you will know is together they have an amazing effect. Sending you deep into a cozy trance where her blue power infuses itself into your very being. A bit beyond brainwashing, this is an amazing way to feel Goddess Darla’s power enter you, filling you with sensations you wouldn’t believe and an addiction that will never be filled. The journey will be one you never want to end.

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