Mindless Leather Slave


I know that you have a secret weakness – shiny black leather. I love to use my body to make you so very weak for me. You can’t peel your eyes away from the way that it shines and clings to my soft skin and every delicious curve. You must become a slave to the black leather. So very obedient. Feel all of your resistance melt away with each second that you stare. Look a little deeper, slave. Watch very carefully, and obey.

There are voice echo effects in this clip.

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2 thoughts on “Mindless Leather Slave

  1. Goddess just looks soooo beautiful in shiny black leather… It is just so easy to obey her words, watch her move so gracefully, and know that she is going to take over my mind.

  2. Goddess darla looks SO mesmerizing in shiny black leather. Seeing her in this outfit makes me fall for her that much more quickly.

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