Awaken the Darkness – Evil brainwashing VIDEO

This is an evil brainwashing loop. There is no traditional induction or awakener. It is meant to be played on repeat for continued exposure and conditioning. There are heavy effects in this recording, and you MUST wear headphones.

This audio is now paired with a VIDEO, which only makes the effects more intense.

There is light manipulation therapy used to condition your mind. Do NOT watch if you are sensitive to flashing lights in any way. Gazing upon my powerful presence will stimulate your mind and boy in so many ways. By purchasing this loop you are consenting to a journey in reprogramming your mind – you will never be the same. If you are ready for a true mindfuck, let’s begin. WARNING: This recording is VERY strong. Listen at your own risk.


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1 thought on “Awaken the Darkness – Evil brainwashing VIDEO

  1. This video is extremely intense. Goddess darla has done an outstanding job…combination of the audio and video makes this an outstanding compilation. Seeing goddess darla in this file helps in sealing yourself to her way of thinking. highly recommended.

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