Submissive Training

Blue Spiral Reprogramming
Do you dare find out what happens when I begin a deep reprogramming of your body and mind?  Fair warning:
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Deep BLUE Slave Training
  Are you ready for my SEXIEST, most ADDICTIVE file yet?  This slave training file starts with a relaxation induction…
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Mindless Pleasure Slave
  It’s time for your brain training.  Mindless Pleasure Slave is deceptively seductive and designed to brainwash you at your
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sexual submissive affirmations
Are you ready to make a change in your sex life? These affirmations will lead you towards becoming much more
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The Kiss
  Youtube Preview This trance is NOT for everyone. Read the description below carefully before making your decision. The soothing
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School of Subservience vol 2: Stay
It is time for your next lesson. In this class, I implement some behavioral modification. It will NOT be easy.
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School of Subservience Vol 1: Heel
Do you wish to become Darla’s pet? Enter my classroom and begin to be molded to my will. My confusion
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My Pleasure
  This deep conditioning file uses a mantra to program & change you. You are permitted to worship Me in
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