Locked for your Boss


You are surprised to find out your new boss is absolutely stunning, sexy and very commanding.  It is a good thing that you are an eager worker, ready to obey any command or task that she gives you…

This is an immersive guided fantasy file – which is a little bit different than my other files.  There is not an in-depth induction, so you may wish to listen to an additional induction.

Theme: Chastity

29 minutes



1 thought on “Locked for your Boss

  1. A sexy, dominant, boss… Enforced Chastity and personal attention? If that does not get your submissive juices flowing I don’t know what will. This recent recording is a seductive fantasy that I’m sure many of us who work in an office setting have had, and now Goddess Darla takes the starring role. The lack of a formal induction did in no way inhibit my drop into a trance like state. My arousal levels and desire to be locked up for my Goddess were so very high towards the end that I lay there still in trance, aching to submit before her. To come into her office at the end of the day and drop to my knees, to have her extend her divine foot barely acknowledging me as she reviewed the days work. Sliding her heels off and beginning to massage her foot… oh wait that isn’t even in the recording! But what is there.. the way a dominant woman extends her power over you, and puts you in your place. You become a better worker working for her, and the joy you will get in being kept in control is endless.

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