Custom Recording Review

I love this review for my custom recording by a very special submissive! If you find yourself craving for some personal attention & deep conditioning after reading this, head over to order a custom recording!

“So I have something very precious… a custom recording from Goddess Darla Diondra. This artistic work by Goddess Darla Diondra is something to be savored. Having her address you by name is amazing, but there is something more to a custom.  Sure it’s going to be on a topic that you enjoy, she might even use some of the phrases that you prefer or really get you going. But the secret joy I really take when listening to mine. This was created for me, with me in mind. When she states something, she was doing so aiming that thought AT me.  Stop right there and let that sink in. These aren’t just commands she would give to a submissive.. These are commands she is giving to YOU. This is what she desires from YOU. Fuck, if that doesn’t make you weak in the knees with a desire to be groveling at her Goddess feet… I don’t know what does. Although I bet she does! I served her loyally for quite some time until I even felt worthy of asking for one. The world of hypnotic submission is very lucky that she is interested in producing more of these. This is one dance card I expect to fill up very quickly… In fact so many ideas for another custom are flying thru my mind right now… a mind that is very much her playground.  a toy that simply loves to be played with by his Owner.”

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