bewitched by blue

Bewitched by Blue

This hypnotic video clip includes a mesmerizing spiral, finger snaps, strong echo voice effects, and some very enchanting words.  You know you’re feeling weaker already, so dive into the Blue…

5 minutes 11 seconds, $7

3 thoughts on “bewitched by blue

  1. This video is a wonderful, mesmerizing loop hypnosis where the more you watch it, the more you give in. This video also kind of ENCOMPASSES all the lessons that Goddess has touched on in the past. Giving into the Blue has always felt good, and giving in while looking at Goddess’s beautiful looks feels even better.

  2. This is one of my favourite trance from the eternal goddess, she’s just too much powerful to resist, and simply i do not want to resist her power, her eyes, her voice, her lips, her gaze is something i can’t live without, need for more, begging for more, tribute for more, pleasing her is my only will, my only purpose, because pleasing her brings me pleasure, i need it and want it so much…

    can’t do anything but obey my goddess, kneeling and worshipping, serving her is so good, i need to serve her

  3. I was already deeply owned by Goddess Darla when I first watched this clip, and yet still it takes me deeply under her spell. So quickly to fall into a trance, falling under her command. The feeling of giving over my mind to her, submitting to her control, accepting of my fate is such a sublime feeling I can barely describe it. Her eyes, her gaze, and the curves of her body will mesmerize you until you reach the place I am so happy to be.

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