Tightrope Mind Control Loop

Did you think you stood a chance against my allure?  Better luck next time.  Tightrope Mind Control is a evil, dark brainwashing loop in the style of Awaken The Darkness. You will find yourself disoriented, obedient, and completely and utterly mind fucked.  Listen at your own risk, WITH headphones.

There is no traditional induction or awakener.  Listen at least 3 times on repeat.

13 mins $25

1 thought on “Tightrope Mind Control Loop

  1. Serving Goddess isn’t always easy. There can be trials and tests of willpower. It can sometimes be frightening. How far are you willing to go for Goddess Darla? This particular recording requires you to really trust Goddess. That being said, when you do trust her (and why wouldn’t you?) this recording takes on a whole new meaning. It becomes a wonderfully thrilling enhancement to your mind… And looping it just makes it become more and more powerful… The Blue makes me feel so good.

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