Blue Oasis


How exciting!  My first trance recorded in a professional studio.  Blue Oasis is a serene, sensual, and loving trance. Come, follow me as I create a wonderful haven for you when you want to be cared for and experience some warm dominance. Listen to this after an intense brainwashing session, or whenever you would like to spend some special time alone with me.

There are no sound effects, no music, and no awakener.

23 minutes, $20



4 thoughts on “Blue Oasis

  1. This is an amazing gift Goddess Darla has given us! This is the perfect way to come down after a session. It takes away all the burn from the dive and fills you with her magnificent blue light. It made me so happy I was on the verge of tears throughout the recording. It is so much more than I expected and wanted. Goddess Darla is a beautiful person in and out. And it shows in how she treats her subs.

  2. I was excited about this trance when I first heard Goddess Darla talk about the idea. This trance proved to be everything I was hoping and more. When her voice wraps you in her warm caring embrace, you can feel the strength of her power envelope you. Even in the silence between words you find yourself being taken further and further into her control, into her embrace. The pure positive feelings in this trance are something I crave like nothing else. I experience the power of our connection from this recording so deeply it almost feels as if it’s a live trance. No music, no whisper tracks, just Goddess Darla. Her incredible voice, the inflection and tone of seduction and control all wrapped into one that has become my greatest craving. The only sweet I need is her sweet voice in my ears rolling thru my mind… her property now, that she overlooks with care and love. It feels so wonderful I know I’m wear I belong, where I need to be, cuddling up with a wonderful amazing Goddess that I give thanks for as often as I can.

  3. This is such a beautiful trance! Goddess Darla is so perfect! this trance is so wonderfully relaxing and blissful! a perfect trance after a rough day, or a very potent brainwashing session! I went so deep, so effortlessly. Feeling the blue creep up my body, sending blissful tingles throughout my entire being! I’ve never felt so comfortable! And those feelings got even stronger with Goddess’ presence! Feeling her so close, embracing me, and nurturing me! It made me feel so at peace, so open. The feeling was so good, so happy, so wonderful, so at home that I went even deeper and lost CONSCIOUSNESS! All there was was Goddess, her presence, her voice, her perfection, and bliss! I feel it creeping up now, just writing this! Thank you goddess for letting me EXPERIENCE such a wonderful and loving session!

  4. In hindsight, i don’t know why i waited so long to listen to this recording. My mistake. This is a glorious recording. Relaxing and powerful. dominant and caring. erotic and comforting.

    Now more than ever, I know serving Goddess darla is the right thing to do.

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