Female Supremacy Doctrine


The gender wars are over, and women have conquered.  This is a government issued recording that all men must listen to.  A set of rules is given, and the Female Supremacy Doctrine is explained.
This is a fantasy recording.  This is NOT a financial domination, humiliation, or chastity recording, but these topics are discussed. There is no typical induction or awakener.

I love this subject, and I would be interested in fleshing out more recordings, fantasies, and training programs, but I need your feedback!  Let me know what you think & desire by emailing me after you listen at DarlaDiondra@Gmail.com


16 minutes 30 seconds.


2 thoughts on “Female Supremacy Doctrine

  1. Female supremacy is the future!

    Goddess Darla’s vision for Female Supremacy is so wonderful and comforting. Every rule is so perfect and enticing. A society where women take charge and men must support their superiors would be a dream come true! I just keep hoping that one day it will just happen. After all, there’s nothing more beautiful than powerful women taking control!

  2. Such a wonderful fantasy, that one can only hope could be realized in some manner. To wake up to the voice of our Goddess, giving us instructions. Instructions that soon become a way of thinking. Not exactly a trance, but still hypnotic and enticing. listening to it after a time always amazing me how everything seems to be so much more accurate when it hasn’t changed, but serving goddess darla has changed me closer into her vision of a good pet.

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