Awaken the Darkness Review

I love to receive letters that tell me about how my powerful work has truly effected minds.  It is truly fulfilling for me to read these special insightful words.  Enjoy this recent letter I received about the extremely intense experience that a subject had after listening to Awaken the Darkness.


Magnificent Darla Diondra,

Everything you have written on your website and twitter is exciting. Your words are elegant and powerful. It’s easy to tell you speak from experience and that your enthusiasm for domination is genuine. It’s also very cool that you ask for feedback on your content. I am thoroughly intrigued.
Last night I ordered the first of many of your programs: Awaken the Darkness. Something about the first half resonated so strongly with where I am in my life right now. While listening I had a very vibrant experience. I saw a part of myself. My anxious, afraid self. Unable to move in fear. He was in a fetal position in the corner of my ego; his body made of frail skin and bone. I saw him and knew him so clearly in that moment. After finishing the recording I started to get ready for bed. That image of that part of myself still strong in my mind. In that moment I embodied the current self I am trying to build. A confident, unwavering self. I moved with intention towards him. I reached out half way to that weakened self. Told him everything I have been learning. Told him to come with me and grow with me. He reached up and grasped my hand. His body slowly started growing stronger.
You made the connection with him so that I may speak to him directly. You have given me the power to so easily give him strength.
You have left a mark in me after only the first time hearing your voice. You have already touched me and given me a gift that no one has given me before in such magnitude.
Tonight I am listening to Awaken the Darkness again. I can feel your thoughts seeping into my mind and my desires. I love you telling me this is good for me. I love you telling me I need and want this. Your voice feels so exquisite in my head. Your presence in my mind is already so overwhelming as you speak to me. You tower over me. Your voice creates law. After repeating recording several times your presence enveloped my mind completely. I am excited to embark on this journey into your desires. And for some reason I am also excited to have a cup of coffee tomorrow.
I apologize that this email got so long. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your dominance. Thank you for being you!

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