Waterfall Effect


This is a new fantasy recording that will leave your head spinning.  After my waterfall induction, all sexual experiences and notions will be washed clean from your mind.  You will be made virgin, pure.  Your only sexual experience comes from watching me… and you are put into your place.  Knowing that you are forever unworthy & chaste.

Themes:  Tease & denial, chastity, mindfuck.  you MUST wear headphones.

There is no awakener.  Soft music.  Right ear/left ear tracks.  28 minutes.


If you are interested in personalizing this file, email me at DarlaDiondra@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Waterfall Effect

  1. such a power exchange, all my Owner does makes me weaker and more under her control. I beg to please

  2. I’ve found other chastity sessions torturous in their own ways— even for short periods. I find Waterfall Effect to be oddly soothing — even for long periods. It still comes with aches and frustrations. but Goddess Darla creates a line of reasoning in the subconscious that becomes irrefutable, so easy to accept and to give into.

    I’ve long thought that a woman powerful enough to have this level of control was a nice fantasy. Goddess Darla has made that fantasy a reality. I don’t always like that reality. I sometimes regret getting myself into this position, but there is nothing I can do about it now. Goddess Darla is in complete control. She is the fantasy in the flesh, who controls my reality. And her control is sublime.

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