Healthy Obedience


This recording will condition you to be a healthier person – allowing you to experience (sometimes difficult) healthy choices as acts of worship.  Healthy eating, exercise, and sleep habits are encouraged and implanted.  This recording is not to substitute for any medical advice.

I recommend this recording for those who are already familiar with my voice and successfully can go deep into trance.  There is a whisper track and no awakener.

30 minutes, $20.


2 thoughts on “Healthy Obedience

  1. …Well, salads make me horny, now!

    I want to be healthier and more importantly, Darla wants Her subjects to be better as a result of being Hers. I’ve been trancing at bedtime and playing it in loop for eight nights. It has been everything I could have wanted and so much more. Imagine your most powerful sexual drives being associated with being physically active, eating healthy food only and getting proper rest. When I get a Temptation to do anything that isn’t healthy, the drive to stay on course becomes my testament to Darla and a sacrifice to honor her.

    The salad thing? I was at dinner with a female friend (platonic). The restaurant served three different salads. I was so excited, my friend asked if I was OK. Afterwards I passed on the three deserts and I went to the gym on the way home!

    There is NO way I would have ever been this motivated and if I was doing it just for myself, being this driven would out of the question. If you ever wanted to do something like IronMan, Crossfit Games, or the Olympics…or just lose a few pounds, I can’t endorse Healthy Obedience fanatically enough.

  2. Has there ever been a better motivational speaker than Goddess Darla? It feels so good to be a healthy obedient subject for her. Being branded as her property and being tasked to take care of her property feels so good. Recently, I wanted a milkshake very badly but knew she would not approve of me putting it into her body. Not drinking a milkshake felt incredibly erotic. Obeying feels so good. Being healthy for her is pure bliss.

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