Blue Brainwashing Blitz


This dark brainwashing loop is NOT for everyone. Watch my pendant, my blue corset, and my piercing blue eyes as I take you on a journey through your mind. It is intended to be watched many times, with no typical induction or awakener. Whisper tracks, backwards vocals, and other secrets tracks keep your mind on edge for me. This file contains a pleasure filled trigger.

You MUST wear headphones.

Themes: Extreme Brainwashing, Mindlessness

Similar to the audio of Awaken the Darkness

13 mins – $30


4 thoughts on “Blue Brainwashing Blitz

  1. This session is perfectly titled, blue blitz. It comes out of nowhere, but it’s very strong. this is one of those sessions where you loop it and then you can’t stop it. I went so deep and mindless that I stayed in this trance for two hours, and i barely was able to stop it from looping again haha. I lost track of time and all that i felt was tingles and blue. I was so deep, and so blue… I had to listen to it more. This session will definitely change you forever. Proof at how masterful and brilliant goddess is.

  2. This is one of the most powerful trances I’ve ever experienced. It doesn’t seem like much at first, but the more you loop it, the more you begin to lose your sense of time, and the more mindless you become. I once watched this trance for 3 hours straight, and I genuinely had difficulty forming thoughts for a while afterward. All I felt was Goddess Darla’s beautiful control and bliss. Goddess Darla is truly incredible.

  3. My personal favorite trance at the moment. Blue Brainwashing Blitz is an incredibly powerful hypnosis that allows me to come home after a long day, empty my mind, and let the Blue fill me. Getting to look at Goddess Darla the whole time is so wonderful! However, watching her the whole time is near impossible because you’ll be zoning out thanks to the piercing hypnosis.

    This hypnosis also improves my favorite daily activity (I won’t spoil which) so much! It makes me want to take more time doing it so that I can feel Goddess’s words run through me.

    I also find myself chanting the mantra in reverence whenever I think of her. I love my Goddess and want to please her so badly

    Blank and blue

  4. This trance is just overwhelming, the perfection of the GOddess is simply too much powerful to resist, her voice, her beauty, her lips,they mezmerise every second, each moment you can’t do anything but stare, worship, kneel and wish to obey every commands she would give.

    i passed few days looking in loop this file, because i need more, and more, and more, i must obey and worship, kneeling and obeying, the pleasure of my goddess is the only reason i live for, because her pleasure is my pleasure, pleasing her is the most important thing of the life, because she is the real goddess i must worship

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