Your Majesty


This session is a perfect escape from the world. I have taken you, kidnapped you against your will and have brought you to my dimension, where I make ALL the rules. How long can you resist my power?

There is light background music and extremely soft whispers. Listen with headphones.

30 minutes,


2 thoughts on “Your Majesty

  1. This session creeps up on you! It knocks me out cold every time I listen to it. I still don’t remember everything that happens in this session. This session takes you so deep, it takes you on a journey into Goddess Darla’s dimension, and you emerge changed! your devotion to goddess gets stronger and stronger. I feel the need to please goddess so strongly after.

  2. My one complaint about this recording: It isn’t long enough. It shouldn’t end. it needs to last forever. i want to move into this recording and take up residence there. Being in Goddess darla’s DIMENSION in her presence to serve and please is the ultimate dream.

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