This website and its contents are for entertainment purposes alone.  All content posted on this website is owned by Darla Diondra – DarlaDiondra@gmail.com

All hypnosis experiences that I provide – audio, video trances and live sessions – are offered with no guarantee and do not fall under the scope of therapy, medical advice, or professional license and/or certification. If unwanted side effects or behaviors occur due to any of my trances, recordings, pictures, or any material discontinue use entirely.

Hypnosis sessions, live, and recorded trances as well as any and all other content – pictures and words – on my website are entirely for entertainment purposes only and are not to be treated in any other capacity. All products on this site are strictly for entertainment purposes, and not used as therapy, or to diagnose any conditions. If you find listening, reading, or experiencing any of my content brings any negative affects at all, stop listening immediately. If you have high blood pressure, are prone to epileptic seizures, anxiety, or have any other health concerns, consult a physician before any purchase or experience of any of my material – including Youtube videos. Listen at your own risk. My files, pictures, and words have the ability to become addictive and by purchasing you are acknowledging this.
TheGoddessDarla.com holds no responsibility for any effects that the files have on you. You MUST be of legal age to purchase in your area.

By entering this site you consent to any physical, mental, and emotional consequences that may result from any of the content on this website and expressly waive any claims or complaints you may have as a result thereof.

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  1. I absolutely do consent to any and all effects and consequences Goddess Darla incurs upon me. :^)

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