Awaken the Darkness Loop


This is an evil brainwashing loop. There is no traditional induction or awakener. It is meant to be played on repeat for continued exposure and conditioning. There are heavy effects in this recording, and you MUST wear headphones.

By purchasing this loop you are consenting to a journey in reprogramming your mind – you will never be the same. If you are ready for a true mindfuck, let’s begin.

WARNING: This recording is VERY strong. Listen at your own risk.

9 minutes – $25


3 thoughts on “Awaken the Darkness Loop

  1. This is a very powerful loop! If you like being stuck in a loop and feeling your mind just melt, then this file is perfect! It is definitely one of my favorites! This file will change you. You will have Goddess Darla on your mind each and every day. it affected me so much that I did not want to be my boring self, I wanted a complete make over by goddess! and I get a wonderful reminder every morning!

  2. Goddess Darla is an artist. The imagery she uses is powerful. Every word she speaks is poetry. This recording contains everything I want in a hypnosis session. Her voice feels so good in my mind. Her suggestions and commands are thrilling and seductive. I need more of heR. She has affected me in a profound way I never would have expected. I cannot wait to start collecting more of her recordings.

  3. this is so power packed. the way Goddess delivers this trance destroys any resistance anyone could have. looped it is deadly to my will and breaks me every time I hear it. an artist at her best, I beg to please.

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