The Kiss


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This trance is NOT for everyone. Read the description below carefully before making your decision.

The soothing background music for this trance will lull your mind – but make no mistake, I have devious intentions. To bring you into trance, I perform a sensual massage. This trance is perfect for those who are particularly physical by nature. Once you are deep for me, I implant two suggestions in your mind. This trance has a whisper and subliminal track.

**Mild findom, brainwashing, and programming**

28 minutes, $50

3 thoughts on “The Kiss

  1. There is nothing more intimate, more sexual, more amazing than a kiss. Being taken into her power and control, Goddess Darla weaves a seductive web in your mind. sooner than you realize you lie before her. all of your defenses are stripped away and your body aches for her, you can feel her touch, her warm breath on your ear. You yearn for the moment.. and that moment… well you really need this recording to find out just what it is like.. I will say this recording has many teasing moments, but unlike most of the time there is no denial of the title action. now if you will excuse me I must listen to it one more time before i drift off to bed.

  2. THE KISS IS ONE OF GODDESS DARLA’S GREATEST RECORDINGS. it’s a dark and deep blue trance. Her voice, her incredible voice, is as sexy and sultry as ever. she will lay claim to your body and make it hers. She will teach you how good it is to serve her. She will teach you how good it feels to give to her. And it does.serving and giving to her feels wonderful because it is the right thing to do.

    bonus–she wants you to exercise for her. There is no better motivation to exercise than for a goddess.

  3. This recording gave me tingles over my entire body multiple times. Goddess Darla is truly unique and special. Every recording of hers I’ve listened to has been an experience I never imagined. She has broken my expectations over and over. This session is so vibrant and natural. She effortlessly takes me so deep. And she leaves me feeling fulfilled, excited, and ready to work harder than I ever have before. She is everything I want and so much more!

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