Woman Power

I know you wish to increase your submission to all women.
You know that you are inferior, and you NEED to feel weak.
This file seduces you deep into trance with tantalizing role-playing scenarios which will teach you, mold you, and leave you obedient to all women.
This file is NOT Domme specific.
Awakener included, Listen with headphones for the best experience.

audio trance.
28 minutes 47 seconds


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3 thoughts on “Woman Power

  1. Goddess Darla, I love Woman Power! It reminds me of what’s great about be submissive. As a sub, I can serve women regardless of whether they are dominant or not. Here’s hoping this file will make me more obedient and submissive to You!

  2. I find myself finding female MMA fighters that much more attractive… picturing sweating toned muscles… makes me feel so weak… submissive… I love it when I can feel Goddess Darla’s training change me into what she desires…

  3. Female Supremacy is a personal favorite fantasy of mine, so naturally I love this recording very much and listen to it as much as I can. Goddess Darla uses her flawless logic along with some scenario’s to help you to understand Woman Power and what it stands for.

    And it’s free! So go listen to it, if you’re hesitant to give in. Go listen, become seduced by Goddess’s sweet voice, and submit (like I have) to Woman Power. Trust me, it’ll be very pleasurable!

    I personally have not run into any situations where a woman has asked me for something yet but when one does, I’m sure my conditioning will kick in! Thanks to Goddess’s wonderful recording, my fantasy can become a reality.

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