Raindrop is a sensual trance that will bring you deep for me.
Falling so far down into trance, right where you belong.
A trigger is implanted which will allow you to drift down for me more easily than ever before.
Relax in my alluring voice, allow your mind to experience this unique seduction.

audio trance.
30 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Raindrop

  1. Property of my mistress.. Only my thoughts and deeds are hers.

  2. This is a very deep trance. I’ve listened three times.I remember how it starts and how it builds. I remember how it ends. but when it’s over, I feel like there is large gap in my memory as to what just happened. I’m not sure where my mind goes or what goddess Darla says to it while it’s there. I do know when my mind comes back, it is filled with adoration for her.

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