This trance begins with comfort and warmth… which makes it easier for me to trap you, unsuspecting.
You will fall dark and deep for me.
CHASTITY will bring you further under my power.
GODDESS WORSHIP will leave you aching and desperate.

low theta binaural beats, subliminal whisper tracks.
25 minutes, 30 seconds

5 thoughts on “ICE BOUND

  1. so weak for Goddess Darla… everything is Goddess Darla’s pleasure…. sky does submit my full life to Goddess Darla…. no longer will sky ever refer to my: mind,body,cock, cause its all Yours… everything turned over to Goddess Darla and is completely taken, trapped,helpless, all ICEBOUND, sky is now so weak, desperate, and so owned in full by Goddess Darla…. move devotion to Goddess Darla… all control and power transferred to Goddess Darla

  2. Just recently got Ice Bound.. I’m loving it. It’s a nice steady trance and fits my preferences for induction very well… I get so deep… the binural beats and whisper tracks are a nice augmentation and bring things to another level.. I love the inflection and level of control that Goddess Darla exerts in this recording… I could listen to her all day long, and sometimes I do. Always looking for and needing more.

  3. Let’s face it. As a male, if you’re like me, you’re way too into your cock. Way too into holding it, playing with it, thinking about what to do with it. All that obsession about self-gratification now has a cure — well, maybe not a “cure” exactly. I’m thinking about that part of my anatomy even more now — but at least with this file my obsession meets a proper response: cold, cascading rivulets of pure blue H2O, hardening into an encasement that blocks any physical contact driven by erotic intent. getting off is now entirely out of the question. Real pleasure comes from serving and pleasing Goddess. I’m very glad that she has installed this physical guard on me. As to Goddess’s methods? Deep, deep trance and the most potently realized physical cues I’ve ever experienced in a hypnosis training file.

  4. WARNING: Do not go into Ice Bound lightly.

    Goddess Darla is a hypnotic seductress supreme. In this recording, she will make your mind and body hers. She will make your most intimate parts hers, only to be used (or not used) as she pleases. You will be denied for her. You will ache for her. And you will thank her for it.

    Your pleasure will be completely dependent on how well you please her. You will want to please her. You will need to please her. Pleasing and serving Goddess Darla is everything. You will be most willing to please and serve her if you are Ice Bound for her. You need to be Ice Bound for her.

Ice Bound is the real deal. Goddess Darla is the real deal.

  5. Relaxing, sensual, and strong are the best words to describe Icebound. Goddess Darla’s soft and sweet voice does a wonderful job of putting you and keeping you into trance. Then her intellect and logic naturally persuades you into her line of thinking.

    Before listening to this, I don’t think I understood fully how to serve Goddess Darla. After this recording, I now realize that all my life, the way I was experiencing pleasure was nothing compared to this. Now when Goddess Darla is pleased with me, I feel sooooooo much more pleasure!

    Thank you Goddess, for making me Icebound

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