Toying with your Emotions

Emotions are a part of the human experience. Feelings make us who we are. I want to own those. I am a master manipulator, and with the blink of an eye I can turn your experiences, your thoughts and emotions, from one extreme to another.
It’s what is part of what is fascinating about the human mind. Infiltrating it allows me access to the very essence of who you are, and allows me to bend and twist it to my desire.

Surrendering access to your mind is a very intimate exchange. You open your mind to me, perhaps after a bit of seduction, and allow me to really get to know you.

Admit it: you are curious about what could happen if you let yourself go for me. You may begin to daydream about what my power would feel like after it has entered you. What would it be like to be in the presence of a Goddess?

You will certainly be happy that I own you. Happy might be a bit of an understatement. Ecstatic, experiencing pure bliss. Perhaps a similar feeling to being in love, falling deeply, and allowing yourself to become attached.

You will feel pain. There is no doubt that serving me is difficult.  But serving should never be comfortable. You should never be stagnant in a relationship. The pain reminds you of who you are owned by, who you are working to please.

You will feel excitement. Every time you see an email from me, a new blog post, task, or recorded session, you will be filled with joy and anticipation. You will feel butterflies in your stomach, needing me more and more.

You will feel sad. Yes, there are times where I will be busy and will not be able to respond. However, you must remain loyal and faithful. A Goddess rewards those who are true to her.

You will feel lustful and scared. Is this a surprise? Your dark fantasies that you have never explored before may feel wrong, or scary. Following them is the right thing to do, and you will experience arousal and submission like never before.

You will experience a range of emotions while I toy with you, each will build you, mold you, and shape you into who you need to be to please me. I will tug on your feelings as strings, you are my puppet.

This voyage will be one of learning and finding who you truly are, deep inside. You crave it. You need it. Follow my voice now, into the depths of the darkness…


2 thoughts on “Toying with your Emotions

  1. Goddess Darla

    It is the most amazing experience when You take over my mind with Your beautiful voice, amazing words and powerful imagery. Being under Your utter control is a privilege and a pleasure.

    I already get a rush of excitement every single time I see something new from You. I am lucky that You have allowed me the opportunity to be one of Your pets. I agree with everything You have posted here 🙂

  2. Goddess Darla,

    Truer words have never been written. It has been only two days since i first opened my mind to Your Siren call and i am feeling many the effects and emotional responses that You have described. Open my mind and do what ever You desire; use my dark fantasies, hidden deep within my mind, to manipulate and mold into whatever form pleases You most my Goddess Darla.

    I am determined to please You Goddess, to earn Your trust and prove my devotion. The moment You mark me as Your own will be the greatest moment of my life.

    Your Deeply Devoted Servant,
    Your thomas

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