Stages of Submission

The Steps of Servitude:
You’ve seen me before. You’ve caught glimpses of my face, and you’ve perhaps watched a video or two of me. I fascinate you, perhaps frighten you. You wonder what could happen if you dared to experience my trances, if you dipped your toe into the blue, blue waters. Something about me draws you in…. something about me makes you want more and more to have a tiny taste of what could be.

You’ve purchased a couple of my files. You pull them up on your computer, get comfortable, and… my voice gives you a lovely tingling sensation, up and down your body. You realize how wonderful it is to open your mind and explore the darkness that lurks there. It feels good to finally be able to relax into the blue, to feel the bliss of letting go.

Once you’ve listened to my trances a few times, you’ll realize that you are thinking about me much more often. You will notice that you mindlessly chant my mantras while going about your day. You feel an impulse to condition to the trances… and it might scare you. You have never delved so far down into your submissive side before, and it can be frightening to face what you truly are, and have never explored before. You vow to take a break, stop listening, distance yourself….

You may have been able to distance yourself for a bit, or perhaps it was just a fleeting thought. Either way, I begin to flood your mind. You can feel the presence of your energy, and you revel at how good it feels to have your mind massaged by my silken words. You dream of coming back, of proving your devotion and worth, and pleasing me.

This final step completes you. You throw yourself into submission with me. My decadently blue realm, where nothing else matters but you and me. Nothing matters but going dark and deep for me, pleasing me and serving me. It is an endless spiral into which you plummet, cherishing every moment of it. You no longer want me. You NEED me.

It feels so good to be mine… Which step of the journey are you currently experiencing?

5 thoughts on “Stages of Submission

  1. Goddess Darla knows exaclty what happens with me into my mind after have experienced her poison…….is a bit scary…..but is so good to be under her spell. She describes this mix of feelings (that ever ends in a useless resistence…is impossible to resit to Goddess Darla…

  2. Dear Goddess,

    I am currently in the first stage, I discovered you in youtube some months ago. I remember watching one short video posted in your channel, one which is available no more. There was (and there is) something in your voice and in your eyes that made me keep watching that video. Then came your website and I joined your mailing list so I could check the novelties and read about others’ experience while in your trance. I sometimes fantasize about purchasing one of your sessions (but which one should be the first?) but, as you perfectly described, there is something frightening about falling totally in your control ( even while writing these lines my heartbeats have accelerated…). But who knows, maybe one day I will take one little step forward…

  3. I’m pretty much between the the last too, and it is only a matter of time until I happily leap into the abyss.. perhaps I’m really already there I just can’t tell the difference anymore.. locked for her pleasure.. I do spend quite some time trying to think of new ways I can please and serve her…

  4. I am entering the servitude stage and the control Goddess has over me is remarkaBle. Only Darla matters. I give my life to her higher Power and beg to seeve her forever. Giving over comple control is like a rebirth into this better life.

  5. I am at the resistance stage and i have told myself i will not listen to any more recordings although i am fighting the urge!!

    I have listened to a lot of mind control and brainwashing audio files from other goddesses and not felt much so didn’t expect much from goddess darla’s files but i was soooooo wrong. after listening to the bluephoria series i was shocked at her power and how much she has fucked my mind. she is by far the best hypnotist i have ever come across and i don’t want to listen to any of goddesses files but hers….no no no i must resist lol 😀

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