School of Subservience vol 2: Stay

It is time for your next lesson. In this class, I implement some behavioral modification.
It will NOT be easy. It WILL be painful. You must learn what happens when you disobey.
This lesson will enforce your dedication, and you will STAY.

You MUST listen to vol 1: Heel first.

There are low theta binaural beats in this audio recording that will take you deep and dark.
25 minutes

1 thought on “School of Subservience vol 2: Stay

  1. When I first listened to this session I was unsure if I would even feel pain. I had listened to other hypnotist in the past with pain related hypnosis and felt nothing. Goddess Darla proves once again that she is different. By the end of this session I was shaking with fear and pleasure. Every time she told me to feel pain, I did. And in the exact intensity that she specified. I don’t think I will come back to this session as often as others. But when I do, I will come back to remind myself just how deep Goddess Darla’s control is. Her control is unlike any other feeling and I need it more than anything else.

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