School of Subservience Vol 1: Heel

Do you wish to become Darla’s pet?
Enter my classroom and begin to be molded to my will.
My confusion induction will leave you open and susceptible to my lesson plan.

Audio Trance
22 minutes

2 thoughts on “School of Subservience Vol 1: Heel

  1. Goddess Darla that was so amazing I want to be on your honor roll your A plus student I so want to be collared by you owned by you. Your all that matters

  2. This particular trance is very special to me. While I had listened to some of Goddess Darla’s recordings before, this trance is what really helped me to throw away any notion that I could live without Goddess’s control over me. This trance helped me become completely obedient and mindless and blue. I obeyed all the commands that were given to me during the trance, because it just felt so good. Learning how to be on all fours felt good, Learning how to heel felt good, and learning how to be obedient felt best of all. Now I just dream of walking on all fours beside her on a leash and then heeling at her request.

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