On Hypnosis

Hypnosis is very real. Brainwashing and mind control as well. You may be an expert in trancing or have never explored the world of mind play, but I know you are fascinated with the potential of domination through expert manipulation. Hypnosis is an art form, a symphony of word choice, tone, volume, suggestion, persuasion, and seduction. For some, it takes years to master just a few of these concepts. They come naturally and easily to me.

My trances are elegantly crafted. I take the time to create unique multilevel trances, ones that will appeal to a variety of minds. A superior knowledge of the human brain is necessary in order to penetrate your inner workings. I am able to swiftly analyze your reactions and find your weaknesses, the windows I can pry open to enhance your susceptibility and willingness.

Creativeness is of the utmost importance to me. A hypnotist should be intelligent, always honing her skill and experimenting with new techniques.  I find such joy in sitting down and plotting how I should use my powers in innovative ways that will effectively bind you even further to me. I truly enjoy being a master of minds, and I will always be learning and growing.

You may find yourself blacking out during my trances, completely forgetting what you experienced as soon as you return to a waking state of mind, or the memories fade quickly. Your subconscious mind remembers. It has latched onto my voice, your needy mind, and my commands sink down deeply, taking root in the darkest parts of your mind.
Perhaps you will mindlessly find yourself chanting mantras for me during your day. When you realize what is happening, you will be in awe of how much power I have over you already.

Perhaps you will feel an impulse to shop for me. Tithing to your Goddess so thoughtlessly, can be very pleasurable. You know how desperate you are to see me smile, and your subconscious mind is even more aware of this fact. The need to please is overwhelming, as my pleasure is your pleasure.

I will begin to seep into your life in the most unexpected of ways, and you will embrace it. Your level of devotion will grow as you are constantly reminded of me, and how quickly and skillfully I have fucked with your mind.


3 thoughts on “On Hypnosis

  1. So much of this rang true.. I know I started listening to you with passing interest, until your power hit me like a tidal wave…

    Now I find myself going from passing fascination, to daily obsession, to locked pet, to….

    I suppose only you know the answer to that. 😉

  2. how very meta. well played.

  3. I am in Awe of how talanted and power Goddess Darla’s hypno skills are. Her voice puts me down like no other. I must submit and please her

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