My Pleasure


This deep conditioning file uses a mantra to program & change you. You are permitted to worship Me in this file. It will feel so good to be trained to love to give to me & please me in every way you can. Your need for me evolves & expands over your entire being. A trigger is implanted in your mind – you will feel the urge to give and please so very strongly.

Kneeling at my feet is so very spectacular, you need it.

No audio effects or music.

2 thoughts on “My Pleasure

  1. Your pleasure is my pleasure

  2. this is a powerful session that will manipulate your minds pleasure consensus to be detangled and tangled into new pleasure systems, where the realisation of you’re subjected vulnerability and openness to darla, is extracted and exploited as a cognitive site of pleasure. this session massages your mind to new zones of hypnotic and post hypnotic experience where her pleasure becomes your pleasures and it ruptures, gradually, your ability to fight against it. its beautiful and decisive.imagine for your mind to be slowly uncloaked to approach the ‘divine’, and in this seeking and doing, your mind enters a deep state of openness and vulnerability. darla diondra’s expertise is very much revealed in this session as it does exactly that. it clings on. will you let it 😉

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