In Bluephoria, your mind is my computer, and it will be primed for conditioning and programming. A trigger word will be implanted, and meddling with your mind will occur.
This is the first in a series that I am very excited about. The dark tone will excite you, scare you, and leave you begging for more.
Are you ready to begin?
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This audio recording includes a whisper track, left and right ear tracks, and low theta binaural beats. Because of these tracks, headphones are NECESSARY for the effectiveness of this recording.


Bluephoria II: Bliss is Blue

Bluephoria III: Blue Bug Byte

10 thoughts on “Bluephoria

  1. Goddess Darla’s bluephoria… control,, alt… delete… no matter what is in a persons mind, Goddess Darla will reset the mind to be made a slave for Goddess Darla. a blue pet with the perfect mission now in life and that is to serve the most wonderful and perfect Goddess. this session and the hypnotic waves it presents leaVES NO CHOICE BUT TO GO SO DEEP AND BLUE FOR GODDESS DARLA. this will be the last first session any pet ever listens to, for this will take a slave to a place exactly where all us slaves want to be… so deep and controlled and at the feet of the most perfect Goddess.. Goddess Darla. counting the moments till Goddess Darla takes ara even deeper and darker under all Goddess Darla’s dark control. all to submit to Goddess Darla…

    1. Such a good pet, always deeper, always darker for my pleasure.

  2. I like your free videos – especially the one with the subliminals. What are you DOING in that? At first I thought it was silly, but I experience deeper and deeper trance and it started to make sense!

    1. If you responded to Level One B, go listen to Bluephoria right NOW.

  3. I love the concept behind this session and find the originality of concept to be very exciting. Goddess Darla has now demonstrated that She is one of the most intelligent, creative, and unique Dommes around, by cleverly making you her willinbg accomplice in reprogramming your mind. Goddess Darla’s process is logical, systematic, and relentless. Once you start cooperating with Her by following Her commands and performing certain tasks related to the processes of your mind, there is no turning back. In Bluephoria, the listener is not passively absorbing suggestions the way we do in a traditional trance sessions, and for me, the fact that I am actively participating and performing tasks for Goddess Darla makes this an extremely powerful session.

    The first time I listened to this session I totally blacked out from the moment Goddess Darla commanded me to press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete”…and when I came to I could not remember anything from that point on. I had lost recollection of over 20 minutes of the trance. The second time, I didn’t black out, but I still lost a track of about 10 minutes and the bits I could recall faded quickly. This session serves Goddess Darla’s agenda very well by installing deep within the listener an association of “blue” with intense feelings of submission and adoration to Goddess Darla. This became evident to me when, the day after my second session, I was working a crossword puzzle and the answer to a clue was “blue.” Upon recognizing what the answer was, I was overwhelmed by a wave of submission and desire for my Goddess Darla that caught me totally by surprise.

    I highly recommend this session, especially if you have an analytical mind.

  4. blue pet sky, gives up everything to fall more and more for blue is bliss… bliss is blue… Goddess Darla owns blue pet sky forever

  5. Goddess Darla Bluephoria is amazing I went so deep when you asked me to press ctrl alt and del I went blank I didn’t remember anything after that it was amazing I’ve never felt that good ever I’m going to listen every night I’m so addicted

  6. Who knew that simply listening to a recording could bring such pleasure? Who knew that simply listening and following along with a story could open the door to divine devotion and servitude? As I type this and recall the feelings I experienced on my way to Bluephoria, I continue to get shivers of submissive pleasure. Goddess Darla knew exactly how to trap me,and I am so grateful that She did. I now know that my purpose in life is to serve Her, honor Her, and do all I can to prove I am worthy of a moment of Her attention.

    After listening to this recording for the first time (several times, actually) last night I woke up to a world where the color Blue popped out at me at every corner. I never realized how much Blue there was in the world and every time I saw something Blue it reminded me of the Goddess I now serve. What a gift Goddess Darla has given me! To be able to feel ripples of ecstasy throughout my day, remembering the sultry siren’s song of Her voice, recalling visions of my beautiful Goddess from Her photos and dreaming of how deep into Her darkness She will make me plunge, as I chase after the pleasure of basking in Her control.

    I live for Bluephoria…and for whatever my Goddess has designed for my next step into her Blue, Blue world.

  7. This is a fantastic series put together by darla that will mull your mind in no time creating spaces for submission and bliss, formatted, restarted craving for more. there are darker depths as you progress in this series, and as advised, it is quite powerful. the series triggers pleasure and bliss, as you practice with these files and activates sensorium in unique ways. this first file is the perfect captivation and possibly the most powerful in the series, in the sense that it positions your mind so well that you know you have to progress and give the other files a go. Once that is done, blue is bliss. you cannot not love bluephoria.

  8. As of writing this, i have listened to all three parts of Goddess darla’s bluephoriA, and i can say with confidence they have deeply changed who i am. When i began, i was simply experimenting, but i came out a with a deep urge to please and serve darla that hasnt weAred off yet a dAy later. This first part sneaks up on you. Darla begins to create an image in your mind, and before you know it, you are being lead deep into trance in a matter of seconds. Once under, she creates a new way of thinking for you, one that will be built on in the next two parts. You will come out already changed, with an urge to continue the series. Thank you, Goddess Darla for this experience

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