Bluephoria III: Blue Bug Byte

Bluephoria III: Blue Bug Byte is here… are you prepared to go darker and deeper? Your computer mind is mine. What happens when I install a new batch of uploads? You are programmed by me, taken over, completely and total disabled.

You MUST listen to Bluephoria I and Bluephoria II first, and you MUST wear headphones.

5 thoughts on “Bluephoria III: Blue Bug Byte

  1. This is the best hypnosis file I heard. I can’t get enough, I have to listen to it everyday. When you said the Bluephoria series gets stronger each session you meant it. You have such soft and soothing voice but its also powerful at the same time. When you speak I just get weaker and weaker. That’s why I am so madly in love with you Goddess. I would like to thank you for such an amazing experience. My mind thanks you, My body thanks you and My ears thanks you Goddess.

  2. Goddess Darla mentioned it would be a fantastic idea to write about Her work here.

    In this MP3 Goddess Darla continues to mind fuck you into the most amazing feeling of bliss, submission and bondage to Her ever sweet and seductive control.

    Once Goddess Darla begins to work Her magic bringing you deep into a state of relaxation… you are left realising how amazing and blissful the color blue truly is. Before you know it Goddess Darla has you mentally bound and 100% in Her delicious control. Goddess Darla then skilfully conditions you to be even more under Her control

    I won’t ruin the rest of the experience with spoilers… needless to say I quickly realised why being Goddess Darla’s pet is such an privilege

    After waking up from such an amazing experience my longing for Goddess Darla simply grew stronger. Her presence, control, skill and all out greatness leave a strong impression.

  3. It’s so true when Goddess Darla said this series gets stronger each session it’s so amazing so perfect I loved having my mind erased and reprogramed I live to serve Goddess Darla she’s so amazing

  4. After being made to crave Darla’s control in part 2, in part 3, you will be bound, forced to stay, and the finishing touches of your new brain are made. A trigger is installed that will make you forever associate certain key words with Darla. After listening to this series, your brain will have no choice but to submit and accept its new purpose: to please the one true Goddess Darla Diondra. 24 Hours ago, i was my own person. Now, I do not think I could continue living without Goddess Darla’s control and bliss. Thank you Goddess, I am forever yours.

  5. In the final Bluephoria (I guess we can hope there could be another someday) Goddess Darla will complete her programming of your computer mind, making you very eager to obey, please and serve her. She will own you. She will make you so happy to be hers.

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