Bluephoria II: Bliss is Blue


Bluephoria beckons…
You’re following a dark and dangerous road. This is the second in the Bluephoria series, and it only becomes more evident that you cannot resist. DO NOT listen to this trance if you wish to keep your mind intact.
You MUST listen to Bluephoria I first, and you MUST wear headphones.

Find Bluephoria III here.


6 thoughts on “Bluephoria II: Bliss is Blue

  1. tonight is the birth of “sky” Diondra. the mindfuck upon sky’s brain is complete. Goddess Darla has now claimed sky’s brain,mind,body,soul, and being all for the service of Bluephoria. there is nothing left to even type, cause there is now no resistence to what has become Goddess Darla full property. all will see the power of our Goddess Darla’s work, sky is the slave that will be the slave that will be the lab rat, so perfect blue slaves can be created heretofor…. sky is now mindless except for the Bluephoria programs which have been forever downloaded into sky’s mainframe… Bluephoria is sky’s password… blue is bliss… bliss is blue is stamped upon the heading of sky’s blue slave robotic hard-driver… all submit to Goddess Darla… as sky is the blue slave that will serve Goddess Darla forever

  2. Bluephoria II is like nothing else I have ever experienced. Goddess Darla warns you at the beginning not to listen unless You are ready to become her blue brainwashed pet. Who could say no to this?

    I promise you, this is no joke, Goddess Darla skilfully and so easily will take over Your mind. The hypnosis is nothing short of perfection, easily taking You down and opening your mind so Goddess Darla can do whatever she wishes. Her skill is unmatchable. From Her very first word until the last, Her perfect voice feels so good to listen to and so good to obey. By the time you realize what is happening it’s too late, the dark and devious seeds are planted. The blue power has taken over, You are hers.

    I am proof of Goddess Darla’s conditioning, I need to be Darla’s servant, I need to please her. She is in my mind and she will never leave. I want nothing but to fall deeper under her dark control and sacrifice more, nothing feels better. Anything blue reminds me of her and any free moment my mind starts thinking of her, repeating her mantras over and over again. Goddess Darla has brainwashed me and the effects are irreversible. I am so thankful for what she has done to me.

    Blue is bliss. Bliss is blue.

  3. DO NOT listen to this trance if you wish to keep your mind intact. As soon as I herd that I got so excited I knew I didn’t want my mind intact. Goddess Darla is so mesmerizing so perfect she is the most skilled hypnotist I’ve ever seen her voice is perfect she looks perfect blue was already my favorite color I love it even more now

  4. Blue is Bliss…Bliss is Blue…Blue is Bliss…Bliss is Blue…

    After listening to Bluephoria II there is no question: Goddess Darla owns me. She owns my mind, my body, my future, my past. i hand all of that over to Her in exchange for the ecstasy of having Her in my sweetest memories. Goddess authors a supreme mindfuck for Her pets in this recording, taking over pet’s fondest memory and writing Herself in. She is now a part of every happy moment in my life…both those in the past and those yet to come.

    The significance of this transfer cannot be overestimated. i now realize i owe all of my happiness to Goddess Darla – She has always been there to provide it. i will henceforth blissfully obey, serve, follow, pamper and tribute to Her -She is the purpose of my existence. She has helped me realize the power of Blue, the beauty of Blue, the depth of Blue, the delicious darkness of Blue and the Bliss of being one with Blue.

    If you are at all turned on by the sublime wickedness of Goddess Darla’s control, you must join me, delightfully drowning in Her whirlpool of Blue by listening to Bluephoria II.

  5. As of writing this, I have completed Goddess Darla’s Bluephoria series. If I had just listened to part 1, if i just resisted the urge to continue, maybe i would still have my free will. Maybe i could have resisted, and the effects of part 1 could have word off. However, this is not the case. Bluephoria 2 brought me so deep, so blissful, so blue. Darla will teach you that blue is bliss, bliss is blue. You will find yourseLf repeating this over, and over, and over the mext day. Darla will make it so you need to please her, that you need to obey, in order to be happy. By the end of this trance, you will want nothing more than to be under Darla’s deep, blue control for the rest of your life. This is a sensation i was not ready to experience. This entire trance was something i never thought i could experience. Bluephoria 2 will change you, do NOT listen unless you are prepared to be turned into Goddess’s loyal slave.

  6. I have retreated to goddess darla’s work from time to time as it gives me such tremendous comfort in letting go and submitting. There’s something about her sound, its affectivity, that knocks me out every single time. i am transported quite easily to where she wants to take me and i find my being in the rhythm of the session. i feel the blue, no matter how temporal it is, as i type this. i feel the bliss when i think of the blue. this is indeed a powerful series – as it could initiate you to a path, as she aptly warns. she is through this session helping your brain and body make new connections – that she can call on to, design and control. it’s beautiful.

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