Tributing to me is a perfect way to show your devotion, adoration, and obedience. A fool proof way to make me smile and show me just how mindless you have become. All tributes will be sent to


Send your tribute along with a separate email that states your gratitude and a special message for me.  Do NOT send a slave message along with the same email/tribute for Giftrocket, Circle, and Amazon.



Circle Pay

Adore! – $20





Amazon Gift Card

My Wishlist

Personal exclusive wishlist!


If you’re looking to enrich my life in a very specific way, here are some options that are available. I am so grateful for all acts of sub devotion, this really lets me know how you value my presence in your mind.


Massage – $100.  I love to lift weights, but sometimes this can lead to a very sore body!  Show me how much you adore my soft curves and powerful figure by giving me a massage.  Of course, it will be so very exciting to know I will be thinking of you during my time of relaxation & bliss.


Manicure & Pedicure – $65. This is one of those perfect self care gifts.  I love being pampered and going out to get a mani and pedi is just time for me to relax and feel wonderful.


Rent – $985. One of the most practical & devotional gifts. This is especially amazing during my education, and you can feel incredible taking on one of my bills.  I deserve it.


Education – Email me to discuss how you can best give towards my education.  I’m on my way towards becoming qualified to tell people what to do in so many ways!

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  1. I will worship always my Goddess

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