Six Tips to Trance

As a Domme, I love to teach and support my subs.  Allow me to guide you and show you how to get a more effective trance, to render you more susceptible and submissive than ever before…  Here are six tips in enhancing your trance experience:


  1. Form a ritual. This will tell your body and mind that you are getting ready to go into trance.  Humans act in a Pavlovian manner, that is, responding to certain situations and stimuli in a predicted way.  Some tips on forming a ritual:

  • Begin your trance in a comfortable position, in the same spot every time. A comfortable reclining chair works best.  This spot preferably isn’t your bed, where your body and mind are conditioned to begin to go into a dream state, which is too deep to experience hypnosis properly.

  • Have a small trinket that you always hold in your hand. I suggest a blue marble, where you can feel the smooth texture and become familiar with its weight.  Tell yourself that holding this trinket marks the beginning of your time to trance.

  • Listen to the same light music pre-trance, and let yourself get lost in it.

  1. Prepare your environment. Dim the lights and lock your door.  Make your surroundings as welcoming as possible, and get rid of any potential distractions that could disrupt your relaxation time.

  2. Use headphones. Try to use comfortable headphones that will not bother your ears.  In a live session with me, they will help you block out any outside distracting noises, and clearly focus on my voice.  When listening to my recordings, they are completely necessary to get the whole experience.  I use tracks that are specifically meant to hear in your left or right ear, and binaural beats.  If you do not use headphones, their effect is lost on you.

  3. Learn what type of mind you have.   When you better understand your mind, you will be able to more fully accommodate it with what is most effective in taking you down into trance.  Experiment with different inductions.  I suggest keeping a journal of your trancing experience, which will help you find patterns in what your brain likes and dislikes, and allow you to trance much more efficiently.

  4. Allow this time to be completely and utterly about YOU and ME. Leave all of your worries behind, and focus on what is truly important.  Make this your sacred time, because you deserve it.  You need a break from your busy daily life, and this is the perfect time to get some much needed rest and relaxation.  Take a mini vacation from your daily routine.

  5. Practice! Deep trance takes practice.  You must not get frustrated if you do not feel yourself going deep right away.  Take your time, enjoy your experience.  Do not constantly wonder if you are going into trance.  Sometimes, if you just pretend you are already there, your mind and body will follow suit.

Trance deep and blue for me!

-Goddess Darla

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