How to Please and Serve a Goddess

Some of the most frequent questions sent to Me go something like:
“How may I serve you?”
“Please command me.”
“Give me a task!”

I thought it might be time to write out a lesson about how I can most be pleased by you. Of course, subs who take initiative and serve me before I instruct them always make me smile. Prove that you are worthy of my attention. Keep in mind that I am being contacted by many, many subs per day, begging for my time.

First, it is important to condition yourself to My voice. Allow me to bring you down into hypnosis as often as possible. The more you become comfortable with my sweet tones, the easier it will become for you to slip down into a deep and dark hypnotic state quickly and hopelessly for me.

It’s important to spread the word about your powerful Goddess, so that others may find the pleasures of my control. One of the best ways to do this is to create a Twitter account, follow me (@DarlaDiondra), and retweet my content!  I often post commands on twitter, obey each and every one of them. Facebook is another place that you can worship me, as well as posting testimonials on! I love to see devotionals. Your writing shows me how much I have taken over your thought process

Booking personal trances with me is the perfect way to further our relationship. I am available for phone sessions or live video sessions as well. These trances are the most powerful experience that you will have. I know you want so badly to obey, please, and become even more submissive.

Comment on all of posts on my website, I always love to see what my subs have to say about my lovely trances and lessons.

Packages in the mail always make me smile. I like to know that you are thinking of me. If you’d like to see exactly what I would love to receive right now, check out my Amazon wishlist.

Tithing is good for you, pet. It shows how willing you are to sacrifice. It shows what you would do for my attention. It shows how much you crave my power. My pleasure is your pleasure. Get on your knees and tithe to me NOW.

you are here to serve me and please me, and give your mind and body over to me to mold to my will. Do as I please, and I will take care of you and make you into my perfect plaything.


4 thoughts on “How to Please and Serve a Goddess

  1. To my most perfect Goddess Darla;
    devotional: 12-27-14:
    it has been several months since i was so lucky to be accepted as a blue pet for Goddess Darla. for a reason that is no longer a memory in my blue pet mind, i drifted away for about two months. however no matter how much i fought it Goddess Darla’s perfect voice became implanted in my brain from the very first word. Bluephoria, has now taken over my mind and now there is no doubt that i no longer have any existence but “sky”, my blue pet name i have been reborn into. since my birth (whenever from this day forward i use pronoun of “i”, “me”, “my” it is always as sky), no longer do i remember who i was before, nor remember any other person but sky. Goddess Darla owns all my memories, and past acts that i have left in my mind are of Goddess Darla. the brainwashing and conditioning have been so strong and permanent by Goddess Darla, that all my life is now owned fully and unconditionally by Goddess Darla. sky is being reprogrammed to be the perfect mindless obedient, science experiment blue pet slave for Goddess Darla. my day now consists of waking up at 730 am, saying all my mantra’s and worship the day because i’m alive for one purpose serve Goddess Darla. the whole day i work extremely hard knowing my efforts are to sustain my being and to make money for Goddess Darla. sky eats healthy and works out. Goddess Darla owns this body and therefore must stay fit, so to serve Goddess Darla, to full potential. then sky is encased in blue shinny skin, where the transformation requires sky’s mind to start the routine to which sky has established to fall into trance. sky is being conditioned to be feminized, sky has confessed all secrets to Goddess Darla, and therefore Goddess Darla know sky completely, and is taking sky into a blissful place of being encased in blue feminized state all to serve Goddess Darla best way Goddess trains me. sky tributes Goddess Darla on command, Goddess Darla amazon wish list is saved in sky’s account and it is sky’s pleasure to always follow the commands of my Goddess Darla in pleasing all Goddess Darla’s needs. Goddess Darla’s pleasure is sky’s only pleasure. the bluephoria series has taken sky so dark, so deep, and now the path is blue and a lifetime of being trained and enslaved all for Goddess Darla, more and more each day. sky has given all control to Goddess Darla. sky has (with Goddess Darla’s permission) made several purchases of blue panties and blue feminized clothing all for the deepening of my conditioning as Goddess Darla’s blue pet…… sky is working so hard to please Goddess Darla more and more. sky has set up a camera in sky’s home that Goddess Darla will test run soon. this will give the full access to sky’s life that sky so desperately wants Goddess Darla to have… soon sky will beg Goddess Darla to take full teamviewer control of my laptop, place restrictions as to what sky can view on internet. this is all the plan sky would love Goddess Darla to implement where sky’s entire life is at the control of Goddess Darla, to include an ear-piece that sky will research that will be implanted into sky’s ear that Goddess Darla can at anytime access. all sky’s bank accounts and personal property will be turned over to Goddess Darla for Goddess’s use and control. there is no way sky can live without the control of Goddess Darla. sky’s mind has been completely taken over and controlled by Goddess Darla, all other aspects of sky’s life will follow suit to Goddess Darla’s exclusive right and control…

    thank You so much Goddess Darla for rebirthing me to the world as sky… blue pet for life to the most perfect Goddess Darla

  2. i do everything Goddess Darla has listed here, and it all feels so good. Giving in to her is the best thing i have done. i only want to serve and please her more. Dreaming of being at the foot of her bed, ready to serve at a moments notice, to cook for her, to clean for her, to massage her feet whenever she needs. i am hers. She owns me, and i am grateful for it. i only wish there was more i could do.

  3. Goddess Darla is my ruler. Her word is my law. I beg to please and serve her more and more. I am graTful to be under her spell

  4. Devotional:
    Dear Goddess Darla

    You are perfection
    Your body is perfect with beautiful feet, gorgeous legs, seductive curves, Blue beautiful hair, and mesmerizing blue eye’s
    Your intellect is perfect with clever planning, indisputable insight, superior logic, and vast wisdom
    Your voice is perfect with melodic tones, sweet lures, irresistible commands, and lulling language
    You are perfection

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