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Six Tips to Trance

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  1. Goddess Darla’s bluephoria… control,, alt… delete… no matter what is in a persons mind, Goddess Darla will reset the mind to be made a slave for Goddess Darla. a blue pet with the perfect mission now in life and that is to serve the most wonderful and perfect Goddess. this session and the hypnotic waves it presents leaVES NO CHOICE BUT TO GO SO DEEP AND BLUE FOR GODDESS DARLA. this will be the last first session any pet ever listens to, for this will take a slave to a place exactly where all us slaves want to be… so deep and controlled and at the feet of the most perfect Goddess.. Goddess Darla. counting the moments till Goddess Darla takes ara even deeper and darker under all Goddess Darla’s dark control. all to submit to Goddess Darla…

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