I am a Goddess of Hypnosis, seductress, and natural femdom.  Erotic hypnosis is an art form, and in my skilled hands your mind will be melted and seduced wide open.  You will be guided, taught, coaxed, and trained.  Deep down, you know that you need a proper brainwashing.  I will center you and then turn your world upside down.  Your submissive tendencies are worth discovering and enhancing – let’s have some fun.  There is NOTHING hotter than true female domination!

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1 thought on “HypnoDomme

  1. Goddess Darla makes vivid and unique hypnotic recordings. Each one has something special that reaches deep and grabs a different part of you. Oftentimes you don’t even realize that part was there until she pokes it and unravels it. She is intelligent and creative, and it really shows through in her work.

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